May 14 - 16 | 7:30 PM | The Link Auditorium

Virtual Program


Making Room has been in-process since October 2019, when we held our very first rehearsal for RDC. Those who attended our Inaugural Holiday Fundraiser may remember that we showed three pieces: one a glimpse of my past choreography, one a unique creation for that event only, and one a sneak peek of our upcoming performance, Making Room, originally scheduled for April 17th, 2020.  I don’t need to explain what happened next, but even fewer might remember that our first dance film, There Are No Rules, dropped on that date instead.


So it’s no joke to say that this dance is literally as old as the company itself. Being in and out of process for that long, a result of circumstance, not intention, has left indelible marks on this dance. We’re different people, both as dancers and makers. We relate to each other differently after fourteen months in a pandemic. The weight of our experiences, the ache of our simplest desires, poured into this work as we brought it back into our bodies in February.  

The beauty of the work emerged as we reclaimed intention in our process. We chose to allow that rush of complexity, nuance, and sometimes discomfort to begin to infiltrate the choreography. We cut sections that no longer resonated, built and rebuilt our partnering relationships, and digested old movement to embody updated intentions. We were constantly trying to invite in tenderness, a process helped along by our phenomenal guest choreographer, Victoria Awkward. As always, we wanted this work to be unapologetically human.


As you watch tonight, allow yourself to engage with the many vignettes, relationships, and quiet moments that present themselves. Get sucked in, lose yourself - there are no wrong answers in this piece.  My only hope is that as you watch our artists care for themselves and each other throughout the dance, that you can feel cared for as an audience member by the dance itself.


-Emily Haussler

Artistic and Executive Director

Making Room - Josiah/Kami.jpg
Making Room Two Lines.jpg
Making Room - Hannah/Kami.jpg

Photos by Sam Fink, Lumosco Photography


I. Soft Fire

Choreographer: Victoria Lynn Awkward

Dancers: Hannah Bialecki, Emily Duggins, Josiah Gundersen, Kami Miller, Hanna Pierce

Music: Try a Little Tenderness, Otis Redding

Lighting Design: Dominick Ehling

Run Time: 6 minutes 

Brief Intermission

II. Making Room

Choreographer: Emily Haussler, in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Hannah Bialecki, Emily Duggins, Josiah Gundersen, Kami Miller, Hanna Pierce

Music: Olafur Arnalds, Brasstrio Mosfellsdals (Dalur - Island Songs V), Una Luna (Calm At Last), High Plains (Ten Sleep, Black Shimmer), Federico Albanese (Carousel #3), Andy Stott (Passed Me By), Kangding Ray (DUNE), Joep Beving (Ab Ovo), Deaf Center (Yet to Come), Peter Broderick (Eyes Closed and Traveling), Philip Glass, Thiabault Cauvin, Adelaide Ferriere (New York - Mad Rush). Edited by Emily Haussler

Lighting Design: Dominick Ehling

Run Time: 40 minutes 


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Nathan Whitsett

Eleanor, Steve, & Allison Haussler

Sean Savoie & Washington University PAD 

Mary Clemens

David Marchant

Jack Kalan

Sam Fink

Brian Elsesser &Tim Hirzel

Mya Edgar & Avery Spiesman

Dominick Ehling

Brittni Collins & Ellen Reynolds

Andrew Ludwig, Lizzy Miotti, Bryan Lind, & Athletico Physical Therapy