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St. Louis Dance Artist Resources

Welcome to STL Dance Artist Resources! Our goal is to empower dancers in our community by connecting them to a wide range of resources for their careers. Please note that all information listed below is publicly accessible and can be freely shared. We do not provide endorsements for any resource listed below; however, resources marked with a star (*) indicate a connection between that resource and RDC. Those resources without a star were compiled from freely accessible information, and we are working to build connections with them!

*STL Style

3159 Cherokee St.

St. Louis, MO 63118

(314) 898-0001

Independent design shop specializing in apparel, graphic design, custom screenprinting & embroidery, ad specialty and promotional products.

St. Louis Magazine

Can list events for free on a public calendar.

Create-your-own Website

Various tiers and price points






Online design and print service for ordering business cards, postcards, fliers, posters, etc. Offers free or professional monthly memberships.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Can list events for free on a public calendar.

*Fractured Atlas

National Fiscal Sponsorship agency that supports independent artists as well as incorporated organizations who don’t yet have their own non-profit.


Online marketplace offering a wide range of printing, marketing, promotional and design services, from business cards to totebags and everything in between.


Under St. Louis Magazine, a local ticketing website completely dedicated to St. Louis events.

VLAA: Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts

Fill out a referral form, including a one-time $15 fee, and VLAA will match you with a volunteer lawyer or accountant who will provide specialized pro-bono services.


Order stickers, magnets, buttons, coasters, labels and more- highly customizable


Easy to use ticketing website that has widespread name recognition and searchable event calendar

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