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Tickets for Seen: STL - March 18th, 2023

Seen: STL

Seen: STL is a semi-annual event hosted by RDC that showcases works-in-progress by local, independent dance artists. The goal of Seen is to create space for artistic vulnerability - there are no rules, no budgets, no time requirements, and no genre restrictions. Artists are simply encouraged to share and be seen. Seen furthermore promotes solidarity within the local dance community, and provides a platform for independent artists who might not have a regular outlet for their work. Get notified when submissions open for the next Seen: STL by clicking below.

Past Participants

Laura Roth
March 2021

Chrissy Clair 
March 2021, November 2020, April 2022
Ellie Harrison
March 2021, December 2019

Jessica Beck Anthony
2021, December 2019
Sydney Gibbs 

March 2021, December 2021
Josephine Starr
November 2020
Coral Howard
November 2020
Michael Warner
November 2020

Hannah Price
December 2019

Sam Gaitsch 
December 2019

Emily Duggins
December 2019, December 2021

Josiah Gundersen 
December 2019, December 2021, April 2022
L Mattson
April 2022
Log Atherton
April 2022
Cheridan Couty
April 2022
Erin Morris
April 2022

Kendra Key
April 2022

Haley Rose Barker
December 2021
Molly Ward
December 2021
erika harano
December 2021
Samanvita Kasthuri
December 2021
Madison Zumwalt
December 2021
Megan Mayer
December 2021
Allison Haussler
December 2021

Virtual Showcases 

Credit for concept and orginal name "Seen" to Erin Kouwe. Both are used by RESILIENCE Dance Company STL with explicit permission

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