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RESILIENCE Dance Company (RDC) is a non-profit, contemporary modern dance company committed to putting artists first. We create collaborative, insightful dance works while investing in local artists and establishing sustainable dance-making practices. We actively challenge traditional dance company models by putting our artists first, paying them first, and leaning into mutable production parameters to create innovative art. Whatever the conditions, there will be dance. RDC asserts that creating high-quality art and building healthy dance communities are necessarily intertwined. We honor the resilience of artists’ minds, bodies, and spirits in how they pursue their passion, aiming to empower those let down by the systems of the larger dance world.

RESILIENCE Dance Company values and upholds individuals as their full and authentic selves. We welcome, include, and uplift diversity in all its forms, knowing that a diverse community of artists is essential to progressing the dance industry forward to a more equitable, accessible space. RDC works to create tangible platforms, opportunities, and programs that further promote our mission of inclusivity. We acknowledge the need for continual work, embracing critical reflection, conversation, and change. 

Two company dancers, Abbi and Emmi are pictured. Both have black tops. Emmi is standing with purple pants in a deep stance. Abbi is wearing royal blue pants and is draped over Emmi's shoulders her long blonde hair almost touching the ground.

Putting Artists First

Fair, consistent wages for company artists.


A resource rotation including physical therapy, one-on-one mental health counseling, group therapy sessions, and somatics built into our rehearsal schedule.


Opportunities, resources, and performance platforms for independent artists in the community. 

These are a few of the ways we actively put artists first. Read more below and make a donation to support our mission today.


RESILIENCE Dance Company was founded in October, 2019 by current Executive and Artistic Director, Emily Haussler. Her goal: to create an alternative, professional company model that prioritized artists through fair pay, transparent communication, collaborative processes, and access to holistic physical and mental health resources. Since its inception, RDC has developed several company and community programs to bring this mission to life. 

RDC creates two mainstage performances per season: a repertory show in the Fall, and a full-length premiere in the Spring. The rest of our season is filled with unique collaborations, outreach events, touring, and informal performances. Some examples from past seasons include dance films, a walk-through performance, interactive lecture demos, and a twenty-four hour dancemaking event. 

RDC Founding Company

RDC constantly works to uplift the St. Louis dance community. We offer programs that directly support independent artists working to shape their careers. These include Seen: STL, our Resource Center, affordable open classes, and the Grants tool powered by Connect the Arts.


Moreover, we are deeply invested in addressing mental health issues within the dance community. In May, 2021, RDC hosted a Mental Health First Aid Training event to equip local dance organizations with the tools and resources needed to address mental health issues within their own spaces.  We furthermore conducted research to hone in on local needs and built a therapist directory as part of our response. 

RDC incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Missouri on July 1st, 2021 and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations made to RESILIENCE Dance Company STL are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

Company members dressed in various pieces of grey and white. They have knee pads on . They are holding hands with each other and look as if they are mid laugh with one another while mid performance.

*Photos by Beth Bialecki, Emily Haussler

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