Open Company Classes

Join RDC's company classes M/T/Th/F from 9 - 10 am CST!
All classes are suitable for high intermediate, advanced, pre-professional or professional students.
All classes are online only through Zoom. Register through the links on our calendar
Please Venmo @Emily-Haussler $5 per class.
Class Cards: 
5 Classes - $20
10 Classes - $40
Email Emily at ehaussler@resiliencedance to purchase, and we'll send you a confirmation email and keep track of your available remaining classes. Continue registering through our calendar. 
Emily Haussler
RDC Director Emily Haussler leads a restorative, advanced ballet class with bodily autonomy in mind and plenty of modification options. Her focus is on cultivating functional technique, artistry, and joy. Footwear optional - ballet shoes, socks or barefoot work.
Modern Improv
David Marchant
Washington University Professor David Marchant leads a modern class rooted in improvisation and Alexander techniques, focusing on principles such as counterbalance, falling, tone and release, vision for dance, and more. Barefoot and kneepads preferred.
Kami Miller
RDC Dancer Kami Miller leads a modern technique class focused on breath and release, floorwork, and finding momentum. Her class starts on the floor and progresses through an across the floor series into a final center combination.  Barefoot preferred. 
Sam Gaitsch
Local dancer and choreographer Sam Gaitsch leads a high energy and upbeat contemporary class. Her class is unique fusion of styles, combining elements of Release and Horton techniques. It consists of a rigorous technical warm-up, an improvisational exercise, and finishes with original choreography. Barefoot preferred.

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