Your donation helps us help artists. Our first priority is always paying the dancers, choreographers, collaborators, and designers that bring our art to life. Check out our actual expense breakdown for 2020 to see how our money matches our misssion. 

2020 Expense Breakdown

RDC 2020 Expense Pie Chart.png


FRIEND: $25 - $100

Recieve a personalized thank-you card, recognition on our website, and a high quality RDC vinyl sticker

PATRON: $101 - $250

Receive "Friend" level gifts, plus a super-soft, long-sleeve RDC T-shirt

SUPPORTER: $251 - $500

Receive "Patron" level gifts, plus a  stainless steel RDC water bottle

ARTS ENTHUSIAST: $501 - $1,500

Receive "Supporter" level gifts, plus two complimentary tickets to an RDC performance with preferred seating


Receive "Arts Enthusiast" level gifts, plus four additional complimentary tickets to an RDC performance and access to a private company rehearsal for a work-in-process


Thank you to all of our generous donors, including the 60+ anonymous individuals who made an impact through their donations to RDC

Akua Owusu-Dommey

Allison Haussler

Amanda Fitzpatrick

Amelia (A.J.) Bond

Angela Spencer

Anna Duggins

Arne and Rose Gundersen

Barbara Brandes

Brooke Carothers

Catherine Waldron

Cecil McMillin

Celia Bell

Cenk Nickel

Chrissy Clair

Chun On Lo

Cliff Sauer

Connor Stabnick

Debbie DeLeon

Deborah Corrao

Dikka Amuchastegui

Don & Gail Burgess

Donald Vanderworp

Dora Anim

Edwin Butler

Emily Cobb

Hannah LeComte

Heather Mills

Heidi Duggins

Jane Puzak

Jennifer Pipas

Jennifer Drescher

Jessica Gazzola

Joe Ciaravino

Jordan Woods

Jordan Henss

Kathy Stewart

Kelly Barr

Lauren Johnson

Lily Angus

Lindsay Altgilbers

Lisa Summers

Maggie Cobb

Marissa Beccard

Mary Claire Carrick

Mary Phyllis Sieger

Mary-Jean Cowell

Michael Steinlage

Michael Hall

Morgan Cameron

Mya Edgar

Pamela Barr

Paul Matteson

Pearl Wamsley

Peggy Ehling

Rachel Tsui

Robb & Kathy Stewart

Robert Cook

Sam Gaitsch

Sarah Putterman

Sohini Sengupta

Sommer Payne

Taylor Bailey

Ted Ehling

Tina Poynter

Tracy Hayes

Trenton Ellis

William Stewart