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Company Dancer

Though Josiah Gundersen's (he/him) been dancing all his life, he began taking dance classes when he was 15 at Studio West Dance Academy in Olympia, Washington. His first few years of dance were primarily focused on ballet and jazz. He moved to St. Louis to attend Webster University, and his experience of dance was greatly expanded. In addition to what he had previously learned, Josiah began taking classes in modern, improvisation, and dance composition. This allowed him to develop a wide variety of skill sets that have been fundamental to how he exists as a dancer in the present. After graduating from university with a BFA in Modern Dance, his primary dance experiences have been focused upon his work with RESILIENCE Dance Company, as well as working with independent choreographers such as Emily Duggins and Jacob Henss. He has also been interested in exploring his own forms of movement through improvisational and choreographic research.

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