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Gray Wilde, who uses they/he pronouns, has over three decades of experience as a professional and competitive dancer in various forms of movement. Their educational background is in Organizational Psychology and Somatics from Washington University and the St. Louis Center for the Alexander Technique. Gray has developed a distinct method for improving organizational effectiveness by combining concepts from these two fields, focusing on habit reformation and change management.

Gray has been an avid supporter of RESILIENCE Dance Company since its inception due to their focus on prioritizing artists. He is thrilled to join the Board and facilitate connections among community members to create and witness amazing art. During their free time, Gray enjoys exploring nature or art events with their partner, Jillian Firns, and their two children, who they playfully refer to as fiery dragons. At home, Gray can be found MacGyvering an unconventional home repair solution or enthusiastically sharing their latest spreadsheet with the family dog.

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