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Dominick Ehling began his foray into the world of lighting design as a student at Washington University in St. Louis in the Performing Arts Department. While there he had the opportunity to work with well know regional artists, directors and designers both through the design and production of shows. During this time he designed dance varying from modern to ballet, dramatic works such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information, and a musical, Passing Strange by the musician Stew. He was also the lighting designer for MADCO where he has had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Stephanie Martinez, Joshua Peugh, Gina Patterson, Suzanne Ryan, and James Gregg. He has furthermore designed and lit four independent performances by Emily Duggins Ehling between 2019 and 2022.  During the day, Dom is an architectural lighting designer for Envision Lighting Design working on projects around St. Louis and across the country. He is excited to serve on the Board for RESILIENCE Dance Company.

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