2021 - 2022 HIGHLIGHTS

May 2021 - May 2022

Highlights from Making Room (2021), Entry Points (2021) and All Times At Once (2022). Work by Emily Haussler in collaboration with RDC Dancers, Jennifer Medina, LOUD BODIES, Emilia Sandoval, David Marchant, Holly Seitz Marchant, and Victoria Lynn Awkward.


May 2022

RDC's evening-length 2022 premiere, choreographed by Emily Haussler in collaboration with the dancers. This work explores how our experience of memory affects our lived, present selves, and shifts between intimate duets, high energy group numbers, individual storytelling, and even moments of comedy. Ultimately, the dance highlights that our present selves are undeniably a mixture of present, past, and future experiences, coming together each moment to create unique realities.


September, 2021

RDC's Fall repertory concert featuring works by LOUD BODIES, Emilia Sandoval, David Marchant & Holly Seitz, Victoria Lynn Awkward, and Emily Haussler. Dynamically rich, texturally unique, and thoughtfully distinct, Entry Points offers perspectives into new ideas, landscapes, and conversations.


May, 2021

Featuring the full company, this full-length, collaborative work explores making room for ourselves and each other through acts of caretaking. Tangibly human and deeply vulnerable, the dance moves through several unique vignettes to reflect different perspectives on care.


February, 2021

Five unique dance films, each directed by an RDC company artist. Individually conceived and collaboratively produced, these films interrogate what it means to exist during this time, in these spaces, and as human beings in connection with each other. They are our perceptions of reality - from fringe experiences, to embodied uncertainties, to innate desires and more. 


September, 2020

A multi-disciplinary collaboration between poet Maya Sorini, costume designer Kayla Lindsay, and RDC to create a fully immersive, walk-through performance experience featuring elaborate, live dancer-sculptures moving in response to original poetry.


April, 2020

Five Dancers - Five Spaces - No Rules. Our response to COVID-19, this dance film is private life on public display. It’s searching for connection in periods of isolation. It’s playful, experimental, curious, and sometimes unsure of itself. It’s a reminder of our persistent, stubborn humanity, and of course, our resilience.


December, 2019

RDC's official launch party and inaugural event. Featuring three short works choreographed by Emily Haussler.