You can see me, can’t you.

You see me sitting here mouthing

Broke incantations 

Like we haven’t lost a war.

I have a secret but

You have to come in close,

Nestled in the palm

Of my hand I find them, 

shifted from where they last were, 

like an earthquake redecorated

While I was asleep.

You have to promise to stay, to lip-read everything, commit yourself to the memories:


The blazing heat of August  

the sound of him shaking the  

the ibuprofen spilled on  

the yellow  

the trash piling up  

the hours of asking  

the sticky floor in the basement

The flickering lights

The ashes of spent

The slow down

Why are you whispering

Who gave you this address

the trash piling up  

the hours of asking  




-Maya Sorini

© 2020 by RESILIENCE Dance Company, LLC

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