Collective Realities final website graph
Collective Realities final website graph
January 29 - February 7, 2021

RESILIENCE Dance Company presents Collective Realities - five short, unique dance films, each directed by an RDC company artist. Individually conceived and collaboratively produced, these films interrogate what it means to exist during this time, in these spaces, and as human beings in connection with each other. They are our perceptions of reality - from fringe experiences, to embodied uncertainties, to innate desires and more. Join us in the collective realities of our artists and indulge your imagination through dance.


Collective Realities Full Access: $25

Collective Realities Day 1 Release: $10

Collective Realities Day 2 Release: $10

Collective Realities Day 3 Release: $10

Purchase the link and enjoy at your convenience. All films will be available for viewing until February 7th.




Day 1 - January 29

What if I Go?
Director: Hanna Pierce
Dancers: Hannah Bialecki, Kami Miller, Josiah Gundersen

When we come together
Director + Dancer: Emily Duggins
Collaborators: Sam Gaitsch, Jacob Henss, Rob Duggins


Day 2 - February 1

An Alternate Perspective
Director: Kami Miller
Dancer: Hannah Bialecki

Inverted Reckonings
Director: Josiah Gundersen
Dancers: Josiah Gundersen, Hanna Pierce


Day 3 - February 4

Eye to Eye
Director: Hannah Bialecki
Dancers: Emily Duggins, Josiah Gundersen, Emily Haussler, Kami Miller, Hanna Pierce

Stanzas and Sculptures

**Included only with full access ticket**

Director: Emily Haussler

Dancers: Hannah Bialecki, Emily Duggins, Josiah Gundersen, Kami Miller, Hanna Pierce

Costumes: Kayla Lindsay

Poetry: Maya Sorini

Videography: Richard Grzelka 

February 7:

Last chance to watch films, which will all be available until 11:59 PM CST on Feb 7