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2022 / 23 Season

Entry Points 2022 - Instagram.png

Our season kickoff event! Join us for a dynamic repertory show featuring choreography by Emily Duggins Ehling, Marcus Johnson, David Marchant, and Cassie Wang. Each dance serves as an "entry point" into a unique and relevant idea, engaging audiences and fostering continued conversation. Tickets on sale September 1st.

Spring Concert 2022 - Come With Me - Poster (Instagram Post (Square)).png

An evening-length premiere choreographed by Emily Haussler in collaboration with the dancers. This is the largest event of our season and showcases RDC's distinct artistic voice. Tickets on sale now.


Join RDC at local businesses and venues for spontaneous dances and improv games. We'll take input from audiences, experiment with unique prompts, and ultimately build one-of-a-kind mini dance experiences throughout St. Louis. More details coming in 2023.

Audience Testimonials

“Throughout the show, moments of shared movement are balanced with moments that let dancers' individual styles and attitudes shine through; the overall result was an impression of both a cohesive ensemble and the powerful individual voices of each performer. I am excited to see how the group continues to develop this dynamic in future works.”
-Mitchell Manar, Audience Member

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